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Understand Favorites lets you organize locations (file/line#) or entities (e.g function foo, file foo.cpp) into named folders.

Favorites are shown in the “Favorites” window, which you can show by clicking on the star icon in the toolbar or by View->Favorites.

I have two Favorites groups set up in my current project. One called ‘test’ and the other ‘testing’.



For instance, in testing I have a function, a location, and a “butterfly graph” saved for easy access.

2008-09-18 14.04


Being able to save locations in the code gives me the ability to easily mark where a  crash or bug can be replicated. This way I will be able to finish fixing the bug when I get back into the office tomorrow without having to start over.

First I just click in the editor where I want to remember. Then right click and select the ‘Add Location to Favorites’ and select the group that I want to save it to.

It is now in my Favorites and I can visit it just by double clicking on it.