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I was walking down to the kitchen to get my afternoon cookie and I met another of our engineers. He asked “hey, how would I use Understand to clean up a class of functions that are no longer used?”. I thought for a bit and said “piece of cake”.

In short…. use the entity filter window to filter on “unused functions”, turn entity->long names on, then type in the name of the class. Done. 

Here are the steps….  First select the “Unused Functions” filter in the Entity Filter window:

2008-09-30 16.36

Now, turn on Full Entity Names by clicking on the dimple 07 2008-09-30 16.37to the right of the Show: field:

10 2008-09-30 16.38

The names now have :: in their full name if they are from a class:

2008-09-30 16.39

I’m looking to see if class GameBoard has any unused functions, I type “GameBoar” into the Filter: and find the methods of GameBoard that are not called anywhere in this project:

2008-09-30 16.40