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Probably the most welcome improvement in this weeks B447 build is the release of significant improvements in our auto-completion facility in the Understand 2.0 editor.

The improvements are:

  • It exists.
    It sort of did before but you had to hit ESC and it was just offering up a dumb lexical scan of the open file.
  • It is fast.
    It quickly offers options as you type. If you find that irritating you can turn of the auto part in the Editor options dialog.
  • It has key bindings. If you turn off automatic completion then get a completion offering via ESC and CTRL-SPACE.
  • It is smarter. The completion list is based on the parse scope to that point plus what you have typed. It is aware of members and data fields (as appropriate to the language you are editing). 2008-06-12 21.35

    2008-06-12 21.36

You, the user, as well as our own engineering staff have been asking for a good auto-completion for a long time. And with this release we feel it finally matches or exceeds the capabilities of some of the other popular IDEs.  It won’t stop here. We have plans to improve it in a variety of ways, including the use of code templates so you can tab between parameters and variables needed by the code brought in by the completion.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.