Run license server on Windows without using services

Sometimes some servers are setup in such a manner that users cannot create services from the command line. This seems to happen mostly on Windows Server 2008. The license manager seems to start, but a check in the services list does not show the “SciTools License Manager” Service. The work around for this is to create a scheduled task to launch the License Manager at machine startup instead of using services.

  • Under Start | Accessories | System Tools select Scheduled Tasks
  • Select Add a Scheduled task
  • Browse to the almd executable, by default it is at: C:\Program Files\sti\bin\pc-win32\almd.exe
  • Perform this task: “When my computer starts”
  • Enter the login username and password for an administrative user
  • Open the advanced properties of the task
  • Under the settings tab, uncheck the “stop the task if it runs for 72 hours” box
  • Save the task, and reboot.
  • The license manager should now be running in the background

You can verify it is running by looking at the task manager for “almd”, or by running almstatus on the server.