What is Understand?

info browserUnderstand is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed from the ground up to help you “Understand” your code. It can be used for maintaining existing code, or writing new code from scratch. If your code is complicated or mission critical, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

When you point Understand at your project, it analyzes the code and creates a database of relationships. The information gathered during that analysis can be quickly seen in the Information Browser. Though not one of the flashier parts of the tool, the Info Browser really is the most information packed feature in Understand and will let you learn about any entity in the tool. Just right click on whatever you are interested in and select View Information:


This information can be queried by the the tool (or by you using the API) and we use it to do all sorts of fun stuff. Like generate graphs, metrics, treemaps, analyze dependencies, check coding style and much much more. You can download a free two week trial here, and if you need time to decide, just let us know.