Why can’t I fully edit graphs exported to Visio?

Since the graphs were designed first for Understand, exporting them to Visio involved some compromises. We ended up doing mostly custom placement and drawing of individual elements, instead of using standard Visio objects. Below are answers to specific questions about the Visio graphs, and workarounds where appropriate.

How do I specify the font size and text box spacing before Understand does the actual export? This would make the initial Visio drawing much less “spread out”.

The problem is that Visio seems to lay out its own character placement in a way that does not match our own kerning and layouts. So the algorithm we have ened up with is a compromise, that most closely resembles our own layout, yet doesn’t break the display in visio. When we try to be more accurate we end up with unexpected text wrapping in nodes and other unplanned results which ruin the layout. Unfortunately the only option available now is to do a global font size change and then manually resize each box.

How do I edit the text in an exported Visio node?

It’s not as convenient as ‘normal’ Visio text, but you should be able to double click on text lines to select them, then press F2 to edit them.

How can I copy the text from an exported node into a new Visio node?

Same trick as above. Double-click select, then F2 makes it so you can copy/paste, as usual.