Using Helios for Understand

If you have not already registered for a Helios account at you will need to register by clicking on the HERE link shown below.

⦁ Enter your Name, Email Address, and create a Password. If you choose, you can also enter your Organization/Address information by clicking on Organization Information (Optional). Once all this information has been entered, click on the Register tab

⦁ Once you have Registered it will show the below screen.

⦁ Go to your inbox that the email confirmation has been sent to and click on the Verify Email tab within the email. Note that it is possible that the email will get sent to SPAM or sometimes not even make it to your inbox. Helios will still work as expected without the validation being completed, just send us an email to and we will validate your account and remove the message at the top.

⦁ Login to Helios and enter the Claim Code you received when you purchased your license and click on the Redeem button.


Your new license code will be generated and you can enter it into Understand.

⦁ Launch Understand 5.0 and select ‘Enter License Code’

⦁ Enter the new license that was generated in Helios in the ‘License Code’ field

As long as it is a valid Understand 5.0 code, Understand will launch.