Understand License Options

Single Developer License

For use by one person

The most convenient license option is a Single Developer License (SDL) where we issue a code to a given developer, enabling the tool on any machine they use (in the lab, at home, at their desk). This code may be reassigned to another engineer should the original engineer leave or not use the tool any longer, just send us an email and we’ll get them the updated license key.


Floating License

Can be shared by multiple developers

Also known as a Concurrent License, this license may be used by any number of developers on the network, but only one user at a time per license. The Floating License is more versatile, but adds complexity to the installation (setup instructions). The license manager can run as a daemon on any supported Linux/Unix platform and as a service on Windows Vista and later and can serve licenses for clients running on any platform.

The floating license also has node-locked and dongle variants if desired. These options can be specified via the comment field during checkout.

Node-Locked Floating License Option

A node-locked floating license is designed for a single machine that many users will be accessing, such as in a lab or a secure environment. It is similar in concept to a Standard Floating License and is the same price but no license server is needed. Setup instructions here.

USB-Dongle Floating License Option

This license is ideal when the license needs to be shared between different people on different networks or if there is a lot of traveling involved. The license is mailed to you on a USB drive. As long as that drive is attached to the computer, Understand will work. The license dongle can be shared between users as needed and will work on Windows, Mac and Linux. Dongle licenses expire after two years and will need to be replaced. There is a minimal fee for new and replacement dongle licenses to offset the setup and shipping costs.

One year of maintenance (support and updates) is included with the initial purchase of Understand. After the first year, the annual cost to continue maintenance is 18% of the current purchase price

Questions? Email keys@scitools.com

To view the Software License Agreement, click here.