Understand Licensing

Annual named-user license

Understand 5.0 licenses are sold as an annual subscription and include weekly software updates and access to our awesome technical support. Each developer will need their own license to use Understand, though licenses may be reassigned to another engineer should the original engineer leave or not use the tool any longer. While there is an offline option available, most licensing features require an internet connection and the ability to access our licensing website: helios.scitools.comHelios™ gives you better user control and easier licensing management.

Offline Checkout Option

Understand can run for several hours without an internet connection. If you know you will be going offline for longer periods you can checkout the license from Helios to a specific computer. When a developer checks out a license to their machine Understand will continue to work on that machine with no internet connection. However, while that license is checked-out the developer will not be able to use their license on any other machine. Instructions on how to checkout a license are here.

Multi-User Node Locked Option

In cases where a license is permanently checked out to a specific machine it can function like a Node-Locked license and multiple users are authorized to use that license with one concurrent user. This does require that all developers use the same user account/login to run Understand. The most common use case for this scenario is using Understand in a secure lab.


Legacy Licenses

If you have an older perpetual license of Understand with active maintenance it can be used as well. In the License Dialog select Options->Legacy Licensing to open the older licensing dialog.

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