Annotations give the user the option to add comments or notes to code without changing the source code directly.


These comments can be displayed inline, or can be turned off to only be seen in hover text so they don’t disrupt the normal flow of the code when you don’t want to see them.  Each annotation can be “tagged” with key value pairs which can be useful for organizing data using certain keywords, differentiating between authors, and any other identifiers you may want to use.  You can search using our Annotations Search GUI for quick access to exactly what you are looking for.



Annotations are saved in a SQLite database file which can also be modified and searched directly if desired.

Annotations are “linked” to entities in Understand and can be added quickly by right clicking on the entity, selecting ‘Add/Edit Annotations’, or they can be added from the top level menu.



So, what happens to the annotation if the entity that it was linked to is deleted?  It is still there, it just doesn’t “belong” anywhere so it won’t show up in the in-line annotations.  These orphan annotations can be seen, and linked again to another entity in the ‘Manage Annotations’ top level menu.

This new feature is available to use in Understand build 618. We didn’t want to wait for the documentation to be completed before we made Annotations available so if you have any questions, please email us at  We expect the documentation to be available in the next month or so.  Any feedback on this new feature is appreciated.