What is Understand?

This animated video gives a brief explanation of what Understand is and what it can do for you.

Getting Started

New to Understand? In this brief video you’ll learn how to create a project and use some of the main features in Understand.

Basic Navigation

This short video will show you how to quickly navigate inside of Understand and find many of the features and tools that you’ll need to visualize your code.

Dependency Graphs

Dependency graphs provide a quick way to visualize your project and see the big picture. This short video will show you the basics of using dependency graphs and the Dependency Browser.

Control Flow graphs

The control flow graphs in Understand provide a visual representation of the paths inside of functions and entire programs (via the main function). This video demonstrates how to create and customize control flow graphs and cluster control flow graphs.

BuildSpy with GCC

The BuildSpy tool creates a project that has better accuracy and can save time. It picks up the files, includes, and macros from your compiler so you don’t have to enter all of those manually. Watch this brief demonstration to learn how to use BuildSpy.

Using Annotations

Our Annotations tool gives the user the option to add comments or notes to the source code without directly editing source code. Watch this video to learn how your team can use annotations in your projects.

Complete Overview

Watch as one of our engineers creates a project in Understand and then demonstrates how to use all of the major features in Understand.