Fast Static Analysis For Complex Code
Easily comprehend and maintain complex legacy code through great visualizations and metrics

The "Swiss Army Knife" of Static Analysis Tools
  • Find and fix software issues rapidly with minimal disruption
  • Visualize source code architecture to optimize software design
  • Integrated Development & Testing platform
  • Configure to check team & organization expectations
  • Perform advanced software analytics
What is Understand™

Understand is a static code analysis tool designed for source code exploration for programmers who deal with large or complex legacy code bases ... often with poor documentation.

It is a secret weapon / multi tool for savvy programmers. It is an analysis tool that is customizable and extensible. It helps programmers quickly and easily understand and visualize complex legacy code, perform impact analysis, and deliver powerful metrics.
Over 20,000 Developers
Save an Average of 6.52 Hours
Per Week With Understand
Static Code Analysis for 3rd Party & Open Source Code
Code Analyzer for Flow & Functionality
Legacy Code Analysis Tools for Source Code Comprehension
Using the Powerful Multi-Tool Editor
Reverse Engineering & Impact Analysis Tools For Proposed Changes
Automated, As-Built Documentation Tools
Debugging Safety Critical Code When Traditional Debuggers Fall Short
Navigating & Browsing Code
Self Reported average from a 2016 customer survey.

Praise for Understand

See What Developers at Top Companies are Saying

"I use Understand™ for static code analysis on a regular basis as I'm involved in a very large, complex software project. Understand™ accelerates my understanding of large source code repositories. Wading through thousands of lines of software code is a difficult and arduous task that was much more difficult before finding Understand."

Chris Rhodes
Principle Development Engineer, Dell
"I work as an Air Force defense contractor. I was assigned to the task of porting an OpenGL 3D application from VAX DecWindows to Linux X Windows. The Government maintainer would add code as needed, but never delete anything. There was no SCM for version history. Using the various features of Understand™, I was able to create a functioning prototype in 3 months and eliminated 90% of useless and unneeded software code."

Jim Knox
Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
"Understand™ allows me, as a software consultant, to very quickly analyze a client's full source code base. From there, I can readily follow complex call chains, dependency graphs, etc., in order to make informed recommendations in short order.

What would have preciously taken me several days (or weeks) can now be accomplished in a matter of hours ... It's the 'Swiss Army Knife' of static analysis tools"

R. Landaiche
Software Consultant
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Understand's™ static analyzer can analyze 1 Million lines of code in under 5 minutes.

Use this tool to quickly analyze your code to identify and prevent problems, meet industry standards, and prevent disasters from happening weeks or months after release.