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Understand 4.0
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 10 reviews
by Dave on Understand 4.0

No better way to wade through unfamiliar code. An indispensable time saver, and fantastic for refactoring as well.

by Edward Patton on Understand 4.0

I started a new job where I'm working on android java with cpp/jni. Understand is invaluable for me to quickly understand, navigate and change code in the java/cpp structure. Gone are the days of using grep!

by SW Consultant on Understand 4.0

Excellent tool, make for all around better software products!!!

by A Wadud on Understand 4.0

This is an amazing piece of software that helped to navigate a large volume of legacy code written in C. Absolutely love all the graphical features and so intuitive to use.

Highly recommended anyone working on a project with and without proper documentation.

by James Sutton on Understand 4.0

I started using this tool in 2001, Understand for C++ and Understand for Ada. In those days, the tool provided much insight into what I had inherited. As it matured into version 4, it is an indispensable tool in development and documentation.

The time saved more than covers the cost of the tool.

by Edward Patton on Understand 4.0

This is the best tool for working on other people's code. I can quickly tell where variables are defined, declared, set, or modified.

by Bryan on Understand 4.0

Very useful when working with legacy code or with code that you are unfamiliar with. Very quick and does a good job at fuzzy parsing C and C++, and also very configurable.

by Taieb on Understand 4.0

It's wonderful, i love Understand

by Bob on Understand 4.0

Excellent intuitive tool. We are using Understand to reverse engineer legacy software for reuse in another product. Very useful!!

by Kyle on Understand 4.0

Can't imagine my life before understand