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Your code has tons of important relationships in it and we want to help you find find them. With Understand 4.0 we’ve added several new graphs that let you track the relationship between two specified entities. For example if are only interested in how two functions interact with each other in a call or callby tree you can now see it. Right click on the first entity and select “Graphical Views->Calls Relationship” or Called-By Relationship. You will then be prompted to specify the second entity by clicking on that entity name in any open Understand window. The final graph shows only the call trees between those two entities.

Here is the call tree graph for the function _docall. If I am only interested in the relationship between _docall and the highlighted function “fatal” there is a lot of extra information in my way.




With the new graph I can get the desired information in a much more condensed manner:



There are also options to highlight, aggregate and hide nodes. For instance I can aggregate the functions by file for an even more informative view:

CallsRelationshipGraph-_docall-fatal -file


These new relationship graphs are available for calls, includes, overrides and base/derive relationships. What entities will you explore with this?