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Improve Parse With Understand 2.6 Build 560 we’ve added a powerful new tool for creating C/C++ projects. The Parse Improvement Tool helps you quickly find missing include paths for your project which will lead to more accurate parsing and project information. Previously Understand relied on you knowing exactly where the include files were and specifying the path. Now there is a tool to help you find those missing files.

The above dialog will appear on the parse log after analyzing your project, you can also access the log via View->Last Parse Log

Once you hit the Improve Parse button, you will be presented with a list of include files referenced but not found in the project:screenshot.95

Hit the Search button to begin finding those files. You will be presented with this dialog:


Where you can navigate to a directory where the missing files reside, or select a directory that contains header files and hit the large Search button to descend through it looking for missing include files.

screenshot.97Select the directories you want to add, and they will be added to the project include paths. When you are finished you can save those include paths and choose to reparse the entire project, or just the files that were parsed on the previous parse.screenshot.98 That’s all there is to it. Let us know if you have have any questions, problems or feedback –