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As of build 523, the .udb extension on Windows is associated with Understand and when a .udb file is double clicked it will open the Understand Project. Some users have asked for similar functionality with code files. In the past if you setup Understand to open a code file, by default it would open a new instance of Understand. As of build 525 it will open up in the existing instance of Understand instead of a new one. Keep reading for instructions on registering Understand to open code files.

These instructions may vary slightly depending on your version of Windows, but in general the concept is the same.  I will register .cpp files for this example. When I’m done, whenever I double click on a C++ file, it will open in Understand by default.

First find a .cpp file in explorer, right click on it and select Open with –> Choose default Program


Click the Browse Button and navigate to the Understand executable, select it and click “Open”, by default it is at C:Program FilesSciToolsbinpc-win32understand.exe


Understand will now show up in the list of programs available to open this file. Select Understand and make sure the checkbox is checked that says: “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. Then click ok


That’s it. Now Understand will handle those files everytime.