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We just added this toolbar section to the Understand 2.0 toolbar:

2008-09-08 14.11

It controls workspace splitting. Here are some examples. Click on them to see them bigger.

Single document view workspace:


2008-09-08 14.17

Split workspace – horizontal & vertical

2008-09-08 14.18  2008-09-08 14.20

I love this feature. For instance, in this one with the check 2008-09-08 14.22 box checked in the upper right, I can walk the butterfly (calls and callbys on same graph) view of this function and visit source in the left pane. Handy.

Similarly, I can setup a class browser with lots of useful information about classes in like this:

2008-08-22 16.46

Here I have the 4 graphs (Declaration, UML, Derivation and Derived From) up and synched. This means they follow whatever I click on.

To move tabs from one workspace to the other, just right click on the tab. In the near future you will be able to drag tabs between the splits. We also intend to provide more than one workspace (that can then be split and moved to alternate monitors).