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A frequent complaint of Understand 1.4 users was that unless their project was syncronized to an MSVC project it was difficult to keep Understand projects up to date about new files and especially hard to keep files removed from a project from showing up again when adding new code.

Understand 2.0 addresses this with the “Watched Dir” concept. By default any directory you add is a “watched dir”.

Understand 2.0 scans all project “watched dir” for new/removed files and the project file list updated automatically.  Importantly, any modifications you have manually made – either by removing or by changing file filters is remembered.  In 2.0 you only have to remove a file once it won’t come back unless you add it specifically.

You can trigger a rescan  with the Project->Rescan button:

2008-07-24 08.05

Or automatically on a schedule with the Project scheduler available in Project->Configure Project:

2008-07-24 08.06

In the manual case, if no files changes are found you will see a “No changes” message in the status bar.  If changes are found you are then asked to approve changes. Here is the result of my first rescan this morning, picking up some changes one of our engineers made in the 2.0 window navigation system:

2008-07-24 08.08

The automically scheduled one assumes approval of all changes found.

Thanks – ideas/feedback are welcome.