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It is very common to walk a call, call by, or class hierarchy tree seeing what is “going on”.  You can do this in the Information Browser, or in the various graph views we have provided for years.

A new way in Understand 2.0 is the Entity Explorer window.  It permits keyboard based fast exploring of reference hiearchies with syncronized source and informatoin updates.

To see this just click on any entity that has relationships. For instance, a function, and choose “Explorer”.  It will list the reference hiearchies availble to explore:

2008-07-24 00.24

This brings up the Entity Explorer window.  Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move about the hiearchy. An arrow next to an entity name means there is another level to explore:

2008-07-24 00.26

The way to read this is “SetAppFont” calls “GetApplication” which calls “instance”. I’ve got GetApplication selected, so the References box at the bottom left shows the references that caused the Calls relationship.

You can visit them in 2 ways. The first is clicking on them. The source for that location will pop up.  The second is to check the box [x] Jump to First Reference”. If that box is checked then each time you traverse a column the source location for the first reference  will be loaded automatically.