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The Understand editor’s “Browse Mode” makes all entities in the editor behave like links in a web browser. With a single click you can visit and update the Information Browser.

The other way of exploring/learning about code in the editor is via the Right Click context menu. For instance, if I want to learn about allocstrAppend() I right click on it:

2008-07-28 21.35

However, if you simply want to browse your code, then “Browse” mode makes all entities behave like hyperlinks in a web browser.

Turn it on selectively by holding down the “CTRL” key.  Or toggle between normal mode and browse mode by toggling the browse mode icon in the toolbar:

Once in the browse mode, whenever you hover over an entity it is underlined:

2008-07-28 21.45

When you click on the underlined entity two things will happen:

  1. The Information Browser will update about that entity
  2. The entities definition will be visited

You can control what happens on the Browse mode click via the Tools->Options->Editor->Navigation dialog:

Note that you can still edit while in the Browse mode.  If  you don’t want to visit somewhere just click in white space.