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Earlier, I showed you the Functional Decomposition architecture and used it and an about to be alpha tested tool called “Measure” to present measurements of the various parts of our source tree.  This was as a pre-cursor to doing weekly build size, complexity and change metrics reporting.

Today, I’ll show you the other architecure I’ll be using – Staff.  Using the Functional Decomposition architecture developed in about 45 minutes, I was able to create “Staff”, or who owns what, in about 15 minutes. This is what it looks like when seen in the Architect->Browse Architectures window:

2008-04-24 14.04


Or if you like big pictures, visit this one:


And here is how interdependent they all are (courtesy Understand 2.0 Architect’s Dependency Grapher). I expanded the graph one level and had it clutser nodes on the parent nodes (Utah and Tele-Commuters).


This roughly matches my expectations in that we all bounce around a lot and hence our ownerships interdepend frequently. But while we all depend on each other ultimately most roads lead to Doug P., who wrote most of the core database and other libraries all the tools utilize.  In another post I’ll show you how you can use Architect’s Dependency Graph browser to see what the precise causes of any dependence relationship are.

Back to metrics…. So who is working hard and who is hardly working here at Scitools (-: Click the pic to see it bigger, by the way it was generated directly by Measure a new tool we are about to alpha test:


So as expected, Kevin G. has been slacking (-:  And Helen M. is a machine!  Actually, Kevin G. doesn’t have coding responsibilities and Helen is a machine, but her count is added by automatically generated Lex/Yacc code in some of her parsers.