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Understand 2.0 has many more GUI layout options that Understand 1.4 did. It is also very smart about remembering the state, position and size of the various GUI components.  Furthermore, these states are saved by monitor setup, so you can easily switch between a single and multiple monitor setup and have appropriate/pleasant/efficient layouts.

Right now I use a single 24” monitor. Here is how I currently have Understand 2.0 setup when I’m reviewing checkins and looking at crashlog stacks that arrive via e-mail periodically.  Click to see it in its full beauty (-:


On the left I keep my Architecture browser, set to Calendar and File System architectures. These let me see what is changing and also browse. On the bottom I have the Locator Window (Project->Browse ENtities) which quickly lets me filter and find lots of interesting things. Notice the two “Command Window” tabs on the bottom?  These are commands I frequently use – making Understand itself. The left one does a SVN update and make, the right makes new tools “Measure” and “Impact”. I just sit in Understand all day, doing updates, visiting syntax errors (if any), doing most of my business right in Understand. On the right is the new “Context Information Browser” – see my next posting for info about it.

Over time, I’ll be asking all of our engineers to post up their setups (they vary greatly).