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Our engineers all use Understand 2.0 all day every day as they maintain it and also develop new features and tools.

Rob G. recently joined us from Utah State University. Because we already had a Rob, we call him [new]Rob. So far he has added the Contextual Information Sidebar, re-worked the Architecture mapper, and also helped in work on a new tool for software maintenance estimation (change scoping) that we intend to  incorporate into Understand 2.0. 

[new]Rob works with two monitors. The right monitor is flipped vertically, the left is the typical landscape (horizontal layout).

He writes:

I like the dock layout on my left monitor because it has everything that I use the most in one location.  I spend most of my time in the selector, especially when I have many editors open,  and the entity filter.  And having the docks on my other monitor gives me the most room to work in Understand.  I also keep the CIS sidebar located on the bottom of my editor, which can be moved around by right-clicking on the editor’s tab or title bar, because of the limited horizontal room that I have on that monitor.

Click on the pic below to see [new]Rob’s