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About 1/2 our engineers program on Linux. A couple use the Mac. And the rest use Windows.

On Linux and the Mac it is quite common to have command line GDB session in use for debugging and to need to inspect or walk a call stack from the “where” command.  It is a bit of a pain to have these separated from Understand. And we may (if we can figure out the Windows side) add debugging support directly into Understand, but until here is a tip that makes working with GDB a bit easier.

With B465 you paste any text into a command result window (get one by choosing “Options->Run a command”).  Once pasted, we analyze it for file, line and entity names and it becomes clickable for Understand events and menus.

Here is a GDB call stack pasted in:


Files and lines are identified so I can visit them in Understand, or right click and get information and graphs.

Also, with B465 we have made file detection much smarter. It will recognize short, relative and full path names and associate line numbers with them in any fashion a compiler or other tool can think to spit them out.