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Function pointer support is available in Understand 5.0 when using the C/C++ Strict Parser. With this added support, Understand is providing the potential calls so that you can see the bigger picture.

This screenshot shows the Information Browser in Understand 4.0 on the left, and Understand 5.0 on the right, with the same project and the same function being viewed in each version. Understand 4.0 shows only a few calls, while Understand 5.0 is providing all of the possibilities with the added function pointer support.

This also translates to a better, more informative graphical view with the added function pointers. You can see in this next graph, all of the red dots on the nodes which signify the ability to expand the calls.

Notice that the same ‘dthash’ function, prior to function pointer support, only had 2 nodes that were expandable.

Looking at a few of the entities in this call graph, we expand the ‘cmpf’, ‘makef’, and ‘dthtab’ calls and see the potential calls available, noting that the function pointer calls are signified with the red dotted lines.

Here is the same graph available in Understand 4.0 prior to the function pointer support.