Custom Graphs

The ability to draw custom graphs is a core feature of the Understand PERL API. Using the UPL (Understand Plugin) system, advanced users can develop their own custom graphs addressing specific information needs. More information about graphs and setting options in graphs.


Treemaps are an area-based visualization where the size and color of the area are visually representing a metric. This Understand feature allows the user to choose the metric they want to see. This treemap has the metric CountLine tied to size. The color is tied to the metric CountSemicolon. Example of sample project zlib that… Read more »

UML Class Diagram

The UML Class diagram can be viewed for a specific class of your choice: or for your entire project: Both diagrams have options to show the details of each class and solo classes to customize your view. More information about graphs and setting options.

Control Flow Graphs

All of our graphs have options to make them customizable for what you are looking for and making your graphical image what you want to see. More information on how to generate a Control Flow Graph can be found on our support page. Example Control Flow Graph of a C++ function: More information about graphs… Read more »

Hierarchy Graphs

Example Hierarchical Graph (Calls) of C function Main: This tree has been manually expanded and contracted to just show what is desired. Example Hierarchical Graph (Expanded Data Members) of a C++ Class: This graph shows all the data fields in the main and children class or sub-types. Example Hierarchical Graph (With Hiearchy) of an Ada… Read more »

Declaration Graphs

Here is an example Declaration Graph of an Ada Package: Note that items like “Close” that extend out of the main box are globals. Items like “Buffer Access” which are inside are private. Example Declaration Graph of a C++ Method: More information on how to configure graphs can be found on our support page.

Dependency Graphs

Understand can generate graphs that show the hierarchy of an architecture, or just a sub-hierarchy. The dependency graphs include options in the Graph Menu Bar that allow you to modify the graph display by controlling expansion, highlighting, and arrows on a per-node basis. Node children and Edges coming in and going out are easy┬áto see… Read more »