Keyboard Mapping

We know that everyone likes to do things their own way and we like to accommodate as much as we can. We have custom keyboard mapping for many editor commands for optimal efficiency and for those of you who don’t like to use a mouse much and want to focus on the keyboard and customize… Read more »

File and Folder Comparing

This feature lets you compare entities, files and folders. ThisĀ becomes very useful when you have sections of code or functions that are similar. By comparing entities, you can quickly see why one is working and the other isn’t, or if you can combine them. Comparing files works great for merging in changes that others have… Read more »

Browse Mode

The “browse mode” in Understand turns theĀ editor into a web browser for code. Essentially, Understand shifts from the editing mode to browsing, and as you move around in the code it pushes information about the code to you as you work. This makes understanding your code very easy, just click on what you want to… Read more »

Streamlined Interface

Understand lets you create your own customized workspace to organize information, palettes, source code, etc. No need to choose between separate windows (SDI model) or an all-in-one window (MDI model), this GUI operates in a whole new way. You can put windows anywhere you want. You can place windows inside other windows. You can drag… Read more »