User Tools

User Tools are a great way to quickly access external tools or other applications without having to leave Understand. User Tools have been used most often for quick access to version control commands, launching your build system or launching an external application. This is a powerful feature as there are so many options to what… Read more »


Perl API Understand includes a full PERL/Python API which allows you to directly query the Understand database. If you want to create your own report, or gather information in a manner that we did not foresee in Understand, you can access the information yourself via the API. You can access the information directly from within… Read more »

Automation using the Command Line

The command line tool und, included with Understand lets you quickly create, parse, and report on Understand projects. If you have a large number of projects you need to create, or need to automate reporting or metrics generation, this is the perfect tool. Many customers use und as part of their regular build process, whenever… Read more »

Contextual Information

Understand pushes information to you through the Contextual Information Sidebar (CIS). As you move about the editor in any source file, the CIS displays information about the file and the scope you are in, making navigation and understanding your code as simple as possible. More details are available for the Contextual Information Sidebar.

Information Browser

Just about everything Understand knows about code is shown in the Information Browser (IB). The IB is used for all types of entities and it shows different things depending on the type of entity selected. You can quickly see information about all of its sub entities, what it uses and calls, some basic metrics, and… Read more »