Attention: This download does not include Understand. It contains the License Manager files required for hosting floating licenses.

Floating License Instructions

LicenseManager 4.0(926) LicenseManager-4.0.926-Linux-32bit.tgz  

Floating License Renewal Policy For perpetual floating licenses with expired maintenance and support, SciTools may, as a courtesy and at its sole discretion, create a new license file to replace an existing license file due to hardware failure or obsolescence. This replacement requires customer certification that those licenses are being used by the same project/team as when the licenses were actively under a support and maintenance contract. As per the original license agreement, new license files will not be created to transfer expired licenses to other teams/entities or for license server consolidation. All newly generated floating license files have an expiration date and will require annual replacement. This annual replacement may be provided by SciTools, at its sole discretion and only if the previously stated conditions are met.