If your license is an Evaluation License, the SOFTWARE may only be used for evaluation purposes. The SOFTWARE may not be used to analyze production and/or proprietary code except to determine fitness for use. View the full License Agreement here.

The Understand trial license includes a fully functional Understand graphical user interface. However, access to Understand’s API and the command line utility und are disabled for automatic trials. If you are interested in demoing the Understand API or und, please contact us at support@scitools.com.

2 Week Trial License:


Interested in the Understand 6.0 Beta? Get it here!

You can get Understand for older platforms here.

Getting Started

If you are the adventurous type, just dive in and poke around Understand™ is pretty intuitive. *Note that many of the most powerful options are found in the right click menu, so right click everywhere.

  1. View the getting started video
  2. View the full overview video
  3. Linux Installation Instructions
  4. License Server Instructions
  5. Build Notes