F-22 aerospace example of Understand application

Seek and Destroy Dead Code

Need to analyze or refactor a large code base? Understand™ makes it easy to quickly find and eliminate dead code. Try it free for two weeks.

The Perfect Weapon

Powerful static analysis tools make Understand™ an ideal package for locating and eliminating unused or unnecessary code.


Rapidly find and fix:

  • Unused functions, objects, and variables
  • Unreferenced entities
  • Commented out code
  • Unused static globals
  • Unreachable code

Plagued by dead code? Understand™ can help.

"I work as an Air Force defense contractor. I was assigned to the task of porting an OpenGL 3D application from VAX DecWindows to Linux X Windows. The government maintainer would add code as needed, but never delete anything. There was no SCM for version history. Using the various features of Understand, I was able to create a functioning prototype in 3 months and eliminated 90% of useless and unneeded code."

Jim Knox, Senior Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman

More Than a Dead Code Killer

We believe that Understand™ will change the way you work with code. Think of it as a brain augmentation tool. You'll find that once you master it, you will work faster, smarter, and with fewer errors.

Static Analysis Tools

  • Code Knowledge: Easily see functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, called, modified, and interacted with
  • Metrics & Reports: Includes both standard and custom metrics
  • Graphs & Diagrams: Dependency, Control, Call Graphs, and more
  • Standards Testing: Check against published standards or your own
  • Dependency Analysis: See all the dependencies in your code and how they connect
  • Search: Instant search, customized search, RegEx, and wildcard searches

IDE Features

  • Streamlined Interface: create your own workspace to organize info, code, palettes, etc. 
  • Keyboard Mapping: customize your keyboard mapping for optimal efficiency.
  • File and Folder Comparing: easily compare entities, files, and folders.
  • Browse Mode: turn the editor into a web style browser for code. Information is displayed automatically as you browse.
  • Languages: Supports 19 different languages and understands multiple languages in use together.

Supported Languages

Ada, COBOL, C/C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Jovial, Pascal, PL/M, Python, VHDL, Objective C/C++, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML

Free Two-Week Trial

Try Understand™ for yourself and start working smarter with the world's most powerful static analysis tool. It's up and running in five minutes and comes with legendary product support. You’ll have two weeks to explore all that Understand™ can do for you.