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For a long time Understand has been primarily a solo experience. We are working to change that so you can easily share what you learn in Understand with the rest of your team.

We are simplifying project creation, and once the project is created everyone on your team will be able to use it automatically. We’re accomplishing that by completely changing the structure of the Understand project, replacing the udb file with much smaller, non-binary files that can be easily added to version control or accessed from a shared network location.

Once everyone is using the same shared project, your team can use Annotations to share extra information about the code. Annotations are being re-written to enhance the look and make them much more intuitive to use, similar to leaving a comment in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Even better, we will be adding the capability to add attachments to annotations. Imagine being able to save the whiteboard image from a planning meeting, document the discussion from the last code-review, and attach the design documents right next to the code, without cluttering it.

Another way you’ll be able to share information is by tagging the code in your project and using those tags to navigate easier, analyze dependencies, generate reports and metrics. For example you can easily tag a function that manipulates passwords with a “security-risk” label, mark a header file with an “API” tag or flag a directory as “Open-Source”. This let’s you quickly answer big questions like “Does the code that launches the satellite depend on any external code?”, or the smaller questions like “Where are our API files?”.

Software development never goes completely as planned, but these features should begin rolling out soon. We look forward to your feedback on them.