F-22 aerospace example of Understand application

Rapid C++ Documentation

If your customer (DoD, FAA, etc.) requires deliverables that document aspects of your C++ source code as it is built (i.e. requirements tracing, data dictionaries, etc.), then you need Understand™. It automatically generates documentation and can provide custom documentation via scripts.

Automated Documentation

API or library: "know the details"

There are pretty decent free tools for generating API or library usage documentation. Google "Doxygen" for an example of a good, free option. Sometimes, though, when using these APIs heavily you need to really know how they are implementing what they do for you.  

You also need to know where your dependencies on their API lie for the inevitable time they change it completely.  Understand™  to the rescue!

Just point Understand™ at the header files (or their entire source) for the APIs you depend on along with your project's source code and your dependence on 3rd party code will no longer be a mystery.

Maintaining code: instant As Built documentation

Most documentation becomes out of date immediately. Automatically generated interface or API documentation doesn't provide the detail needed to modify or maintain the code implementing that code or library. Understand™ tells you instantly how code is put together, what it depends on, what depends on it.  Always know how your code is built with Understand™. 

Custom documentation: powerful scripting and API

One customer wanted to know how many places they were dependent on the interrupt architecture of a chip they were considering replacing. Another needed comply with contract documentation deliverables for an FAA project.  Yet another generated requirements traceability reports with automatic updates.

We've got hundreds of customers generating automatic code documentation with our C++ API. If we know it, you can report it. 

Don't just document C++, Understand™ it.

"If it supports the language I am working in, Understand is the first thing I look at code with, and I continue to do so throughout the project... It helps a programmer make sense of the code and understand its structure very quickly! Along the way you can easily make documentation of what you are seeing. I think it cuts development time in half. Add to that the ability to analyze code, which can help to find bugs as well, and the automated inspection with custom rules and the query language. It is an immense amount of power placed in the hands of a engineer."

BJS, Software Engineer, Silicon Valley 

C++ Development Tools

While Understand™ is an amazing C++ tool for creating project report or help documentation, it's much more than that: it's a source code comprehension tool that will change the way you see code.

  • Code Knowledge: Easily see functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, called, modified, and interacted with
  • Metrics & Reports: Includes both standard and custom metrics
  • Graphing: Dependency, Control, Call Graphs, and more
  • Standards Testing: Check against published standard or your own
  • Dependency Analysis: See all the dependencies in your code and how they connect
  • Search: Instant search, customized search, RegEx, and wildcard searches
  • Languages: Understands multiple languages in use together.

Supported Languages

Ada, COBOL, C/C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Jovial, Pascal, PL/M, Python, VHDL, Objective C/C++, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML

Do more with Understand™

Try Understand™ for yourself and start using the world's most powerful source code comprehension tool to generate your C++ documentation. It's up and running in under five minutes and comes with legendary product support. You’ll have two weeks to explore all that Understand™ can do for you, no credit card required.