F-22 aerospace example of Understand application

Rapid C++ Static Analysis

Need to refactor or analyze a large C++ code base? Understand™ makes it easy to visualize, maintain, and utilize your source code. Try it free for two weeks.

More than just a C++ static analysis tool. Think of Understand™ as a brain augmentation tool. It provides a powerful editor together with an impressive array of code analysis tools that will change the way you work with code. You'll find that once you master Understand™, you'll work faster, smarter, and with fewer errors.

Powerful C++ Tools

Our goal in creating Understand™ was to solve the challenge of comprehending new or complex source code. To do this, we created a powerful source code analysis tool and then integrated a host of features for maintaining and understanding code. The result is a fully-loaded C++ editor that has all the features you would expect (syntax colorization, auto-completion, syntax-based collapsing & folding) plus a whole suite of killer metrics and tools to help you visualize and maintain your code.

Static Analysis

  • Code Knowledge: Easily see functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, called, modified, and interacted with
  • Graphing: Dependency, Control, Call Graphs, and more
  • Standards Testing: Check against published standard or your own
  • Dependency Analysis: See all the dependencies in your code and how they connect
  • Search: Instant search, customized search, RegEx, and wildcard searches


  • Streamlined Interface: create your own workspace to organize info, code, palettes, etc. 
  • Keyboard Mapping: customize your keyboard mapping for optimal efficiency.
  • File and Folder Comparing: easily compare entities, files, and folders.
  • Browse Mode: information is displayed automatically as you browse.
  • Languages: Supports multiple languages in use together.



  • Lines of Code
  • Statement Counts
  • Cyclomatic Complexity and hundreds of other metrics
  • Instant metrics for project monitoring and deliverable reporting/documentation
  • Metrics can be exported into spreadsheets or databases

Have you just inherited a C++ project? Understand™ can help.

"A large part of my career has been spent debugging and maintaining other people’s code and that means I spend a lot of time figuring out what a program actually did and how that was different from what it was supposed to do. Understand for C/C++... helps me envision a program’s flow and structure and to figure out the changes necessary to fix the errors. It’s a very cool tool!"

Dave Phelps, Senior Software Engineer, Scientific Games International

Don't just analyze C++, visualize it

Any young padawan can analyze C++ code – it takes a master to visualize it. Understand provides detailed graphs and charts that help you visualize dependency, class hierarchy, calls, and many other critical attributes. These tools enable you to manage even the most complex projects and inherited programs. 

Also Supports

Ada, COBOL, C/C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Jovial, Pascal, PL/M, Python, VHDL, Objective C/C++, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML

Analyze C++ with Understand™

Try Understand™ for yourself and start working smarter with the world's most powerful C++ static analysis tool. It's up and running in under five minutes and comes with legendary product support. You’ll have two weeks to explore all that Understand™ can do for you, no credit card required.