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Count Lines of Code with Understand™

Flexible – define what to count and how to organize the data

Powerful – counts hundreds of millions of lines of code

Exportable – share your code line counts to Excel and more

Code Line Counter Features

Built For Big Projects

  • Lightning fast code line analysis
  • Analyze and measure millions of lines of source code with ease
  • Batch/schedule processing as part of your build/deploy programs

Incredibly Flexible

  • Define what a "line of code" is including
    • Exclude blank lines or not
    • Exclude comment lines or not
    • Distinguish between declarative and executable or logical statements

Interactive Exploration

  • Explore your code from a measurement view, interactively and easily.
  • Browse graphs and charts for common measures like Lines of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity, and Code Volume. 

Understand™ is much more than just a line counter tool.

It's an advanced static code analysis tool that will change the way you look at code. It has built in metrics and standards testing as well. Think of it as a brain augmentation tool. It will help you work smarter and faster to produce defect-free software.

Project Metrics Browser for Understand

Automatic Metrics

All metrics, including counting lines of code, statements of code, and many variants are measured automatically for the project, directories, files, and lower semantic units. Browse Line Count Metrics For Any File.  This is a very simple way to explore your project and file structure, while examining metrics.  Select what you want to see, view, or export to tools like Excel, Access, File Maker Pro, or other databases.  


Project Level Line Count Metrics

Need project metrics in a snap?  Metrics Summary to the rescue. Look at the your major metrics, like lines of code, statement counts, number of files, and others. Then with a click, copy it into a spreadsheet or e-mail. 


Metrics summary report in Understand
Export metrics from Understand screenshot

Easily Export Line Count Metrics

Automatically generate Excel, or delimited file exports for use in any database.  Generate metrics, including complexity, lines of code, and other key metrics for the project, each directory, each file, and each semantic unit (i.e. function, procedure, class, so forth).

Visualize Line Counts

Need something quick, to impress the boss, or for a code review? Understand™ generates quick charts about lines of code (and other metrics), breaking out the code volume, complexity, and other key global attributes of your project.

Code volume distribution chart generated by Understand
Tree metrics report of directory substructure

Supported Languages

Ada, COBOL, C/C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Jovial, Pascal, PL/M, Python, VHDL, Objective C/C++, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML

Do more than just count lines of code. Understand™.