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We've combined a powerful editor together with an impressive array of code analysis tools that will change the way you work with code. You'll find that once you master Understand™, you'll work faster, smarter, and with fewer errors.

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Praise for Understand™

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I spend a lot of time debugging and maintaining other people's code. That means I spend a lot of time figuring out what a program actually did and how that was different from what it was supposed to do. Understand™ helps me envision a program's flow and structure and to figure out the ghanges necessary to fix the errors. It's a very cool tool!

Dave Phelps
Senior Software Engineer, Scientific Games International
Understand™ has been extremely valuable to me. Not only have I had to reverse-engineer a significant amount of code, I have had to convert a good portion of it from C to C++. Being able to generate and review class diagrams, trace through call trees, and especially being able to simply right-click on an object and trace back through the definitions has been very useful. It would have no doubt taken at least 2-3 times as much time to get through the code I have.

Jason Bold
Software Engineer, Aurora Flight Sciences
I work as an Air Force defense contractor. I was assigned to the task of porting an OpenGL 3D application from VAX DecWindows to Linux X Windows. The Government maintainer would add code as needed, but never delete anything. There was no SCM for version history. Using the various features of Understand™, I was able to create a functioning prototype in 3 months and eliminated 90% of useless and unneeded code.

Jim Knox
Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
I use Understand™ on a regular basis as I'm involved in a very large, complex software project. Understand™ accelerates my understanding of large source code repositories. Wading through thousands of lines of code is a difficult and arduous task that was much more difficult before finding Understand.

Chris Rhodes
Priinciple Development Engineer, Dell
Understand™ is one of the most well put together software development packages I've ever used. When trying to learn about a complex project, Understand™ will be where I turn first...I licensed Understand™ even before my trial was up, I was that impressed.

Brian Caswell
Software Developer, LUNGETECH
When we started a major embedded C/C++ porting effort 10 years ago, we started using Understand™ so we could get a grasp of the whole source, and odd refactoring. We have a very large source base and Understand™ lest us find things very quickly. It's a great product.

Russ M
Software Engineer, Honeywell
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