Current Development

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For a long time Understand has been primarily a solo experience. We are working to change that so you can easily share what you learn in Understand with the rest of your team. We are simplifying project creation, and once the project is created everyone on your team will be able to use it automatically…. Read more »

Understand Build 911

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(Build b911) – 22 Sep 2017 CODECHECK Fixed an issue where CodeCheck detailed descriptions were not showing the entire detailed text. Updated TreeMaps to allow users to hide custom scaling outliers. Add Codecheck that looks for assignments in 'if statement' conditions. It has an option to ignore the assignment if it is nested in extra… Read more »

Codecheck Comment Keywords

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Good news for teams using Codecheck, build 868 lets Codecheck ignore violation via comments in the code. This will allow teams to specify areas in the code where exceptions are permitted and specify the rationale. For example:   goto RAINBOW; //UndCC_Line() Use of goto statement approved by Gerry T. on Nov 7,2014 This will create a… Read more »

Code Quality Conference in the UK

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We’re excited to join our European partner Emenda at a morning seminar in Reading on Tuesday 18th October. The subject is: Software quality improvement, development process optimisation and cost reduction More details below, we hope to see you there! emenda_seminar_2016

Venez nous rendre visite en France (Come and visit us in France)

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Our European distributor, Emenda will be hosting two code quality seminars in France next month, we would love to see you there. The first will be in Toulouse on October 11, and the second in Paris on October 13 More details below, à bientôt Journée Technologique – Optimisation des coûts liés à la certification grâce aux… Read more »

Build Metrics: Build 447

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I’m writing this post using data and charts directly made by the the new “Metrics” menu of Understand 2.0.  It provides metrics browsing and charts directly inside of Understand 2.0.    How does this differ from our upcoming Measure tool?  Primarily in scope and flexibility. With Measure you can custom design charts and comparisons and automatically… Read more »