C++ Template and Overload Support (Beta)

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Many users have asked us in the past if Understand could have better support for Templates and Overloaded functions. We are excited to announce that this is now a reality. Our engineers have worked hard to add a completely new C++ parser to Understand, which is available for Beta testing in build 586. Our current… Read more »

Key Binding Options

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Key Bindings can be accessed via Tools->Options->Key Bindings  this page lets you search for key binding, either by name or by the actual keystrokes. This page also has all of the key bindings in one place for easy browsing. There is also a separate page for each Component(Category) of key bindings in the navigation pane…. Read more »

Class Dependencies Report

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After printing the Class Dependencies Report (Reports->Dependency->Class Dependencies), we see some headers, with relating numbers that might be confusing as to what exactly they mean. The Dependency Browser can be very useful in seeing the actual dependencies and what they relate to, so I am going to use the Java sample project (getopt) that comes… Read more »

Open Code Files with Understand

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As of build 523, the .udb extension on Windows is associated with Understand and when a .udb file is double clicked it will open the Understand Project. Some users have asked for similar functionality with code files. In the past if you setup Understand to open a code file, by default it would open a… Read more »

UML Class Diagram

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We’ve developed a UML Class Diagram for Understand. You can grab it from the plugins page. Update: This diagram is now shipped with Understand and is available in the Graphs menu.

GDB and Understand

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About 1/2 our engineers program on Linux. A couple use the Mac. And the rest use Windows. On Linux and the Mac it is quite common to have command line GDB session in use for debugging and to need to inspect or walk a call stack from the “where” command.  It is a bit of a pain… Read more »

Yes! Searching in Graphs

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Searching in graphs has been on my Understand wish list since we first added graphs – 10 years ago! So I’m quite happy to report that Understand 2.0 Build 466 has searching in graphs. To search in a graph just hit the binocular button and enter in the search text. It is incremental. As you… Read more »

Tip – Beautify your code

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Your code is beautiful, formatted to your liking and spaced just how you want it, but sometimes you have to work with other people’s code – yuck! If only there was something that would make it look like your code, instead of spaghetti. Artistic Style, or astyle as it is also known, is a great… Read more »

Tip – Automated Metrics

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There are two quick ways to automate metric reports in Understand 2.0, as a scheduled activity and via the command line.

Tip – Finding unused functions in a specific class

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I was walking down to the kitchen to get my afternoon cookie and I met another of our engineers. He asked “hey, how would I use Understand to clean up a class of functions that are no longer used?”. I thought for a bit and said “piece of cake”. In short…. use the entity filter window… Read more »