Understand 5.1 Release

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Understand™ version 5.1 is officially available with Build 974. This release includes all updates since February 2018 and most recently includes “under the hood” improvements that will allow our team to bring you improved performance, responsiveness, and new features. You will also find that we updated the look of Understand with fresh icons and dark… Read more »

Understand 5.0 Release

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Understand 5.0 is now available! Here is what has changed since Understand 4.0 was released: Visual Basic Support Codecheck Comment Keywords Application wide color schemes License Tracking Previewer window Annotation of individual lines VHDL control flow graph Java & C# UML Sequence diagrams Support for FORTRAN 2008 Hersteller Initiative Software Codechecks Additional Codechecks C++14 Support… Read more »

Understand 4.0 Features

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We will be releasing Understand 4.0 with build 772. An updated license is required, which is free as long as your maintenance is up-to-date. To check the status of your maintenance or request the updated license, please email us at keys@btransfer.scitools.com We like to add new features to Understand as soon as they are finished, that way… Read more »

Announcing Understand 3.1

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With build 642 we’ve added an awesome new feature called Background Parse. It is designed to let you get right to work on your project as soon as Understand opens, instead of needing to wait for the parse. Right away you’ll have access to the Project Browser and Editor windows, and as soon as the… Read more »

Understand 3.0

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We are excited to announce the release of Understand 3.0 (build 611 and later). We don’t like to make you wait for new features, so many of these features were already added in beta form and you may be familiar with some of them. There is an updated manual covering all of these new features,… Read more »

What’s new in Understand 2.6?

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With this week’s Build 529, we’ve also incremented the major release version of Understand to 2.6.  The changes released in 2.6 represent over a year or so of development, and we felt the new features big enough to warrant a version bump. New in Understand 2.6 are: 64 bit Linux installation kit. This is a… Read more »

Understand 2.5

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This weekend we released Understand 2.5 (build 507).  Its main changes include: Instant Search – a new feature which permits instant searching in even the largest bodies of code. Indexing starts after parsing ends. It operates in the background without holding up any other activities. When complete the search box in the upper right instantly… Read more »

Welcome Understand 2.0

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At the beginning of July we released Understand 2.0. It represented the culmination of about 3 years of work where we maintained and improved Understand 1.4 while simultenously developing a brand new version of Understand. Our goal for 2.0 was to make a tool that is a “must have” if you are maintaining code (and who… Read more »