Understand 2.5

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This weekend we released Understand 2.5 (build 507).  Its main changes include: Instant Search – a new feature which permits instant searching in even the largest bodies of code. Indexing starts after parsing ends. It operates in the background without holding up any other activities. When complete the search box in the upper right instantly… Read more »

User Tools enhancements (input/output)

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With build 476 we are adding an exciting new capability to User Tools. The ability to perform operations directly in the editor. In the the User Tool configuration menu (Tools | Configure User Tools), there are two new fields, Input and Output. As you might expect, the Input field lets you select what text you… Read more »

Changes to the Perl API

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We’ve made several changes to the Understand Perl API recently. The largest change was upgrading from Perl 5.6.0 to 5.10.0 in build 473. In addition to several cool new features like the smart match operators and switch statements, Perl 5.10 runs faster and has a smaller memory footprint. For more details on what the changes… Read more »

VHDL support avilable in B470

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Build 470, released today, introduces beta support for VHDL.  E-mail support@btransfer.scitools.com for instructions on how to enabble that support.  

Site Licenses are available

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I was just doing technical support for one of our site license customers. It occurred to me that many folks don’t know that is an option. Doing a site license has these benefits: quite low unit pricing easy availability of Understand to when engineers move in and out of projects much easier licensing (no license… Read more »

Word Clouds?

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We are always on the lookout for new ways to represent source code. Word Clouds caught my fancy. Here is one of our own source code showing the top 50 most complex functions in source tree. We thought doing Classes by lines of code, Classes by Sum Complexity and Architectures by the same might also… Read more »

Welcome Understand 2.0

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At the beginning of July we released Understand 2.0. It represented the culmination of about 3 years of work where we maintained and improved Understand 1.4 while simultenously developing a brand new version of Understand. Our goal for 2.0 was to make a tool that is a “must have” if you are maintaining code (and who… Read more »

Understand 2.0 Product Structure

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Concurrent to Understand 2.0’s movement from beta to release we are also announcing some product structure changes. 2.0 adds a lot of features, but not all those features are of interest to all engineers.  Or if of interest, then some do not need the same level of functionality.  And not all features require the same… Read more »

Update Understand 2.0 Frequently

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If you are using Understand 2.0 I encourage you to update with each release. It is a young version and has a number of bug fixes and improvements introduced each week. In particular, if you are a Unix user you will want to at least update to B448 released today. It has a fix in… Read more »