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I’m writing this post using data and charts directly made by the the new “Metrics” menu of Understand 2.0.  It provides metrics browsing and charts directly inside of Understand 2.0.    How does this differ from our upcoming Measure tool?  Primarily in scope and flexibility. With Measure you can custom design charts and comparisons and automatically report them, plus a few zillion other things.  But the new “Metrics” menu provides quite a bit of useful information with pretty much zero learning curve.


I made a snapshot. This told me this basic information about B447 versus B446:

2008-06-11 23.40

1,719 classes in B447, while 1487 were in B446.  We’ve been busy (-:

Here is an Understand 2.0 generated chart of the line volume information for B447:


and for B446:


So how much changed between B446 and B447?

Here is line change information. This separately counts lines that were added, changed and removed. An important distinction for this metric is that it isn’t just looking at line counts – it is looking at the text of the lines. If it was removed, CountLineRemoved increments, if changed CountLineCHanged, so on.  This avoids the situation of a line added and a line removed adding up to 0.

2008-06-11 23.36 B446-447-linehanges

Here is the class change data. Again, a Class Added is a new class. ClassRemoved is one that is no longer in the source. A ChangedClass has some non-whitespace changes done to it – like new logic, or a new member.

09 2008-06-11 23.36 B446-447-classchanges

Finally, here are metrics by the major architectural areas.  THese architectures were built automatically by the Architect tool of Understand 2.0.

Size (in SLOC) by Major Architectural Area


Class Change by major architectural area:


Note: All of these tables and charts were generated directly from Understand 2.0. 

My timeline for doing this was:

– 1 minute – make snapshot of 447

– 5 minutes – checkout source of 446 to alternate location. I’d forgotten to make a snapshot of it.

– 4 minutes – make snapshot of 446 from the alternate location.

– 6 minutes – update Understands 2.0 metrics database for all snapshots.

– 10 minutes – make the charts and write this posting