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(Build b729) – 27 Jun 2014


  • For api fortran lexer, fixed crash in lex of files with lines longer than 1024 characters.


  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 14-8-1 and All Check script overloadedFunctionTemplatesShallNotBeExplicitlySpecialized.upl.
  • Added MISRA rule 14-7-1 and allTemplatesShallBeInstantiatedAtLeastOnce.upl to Code Check.


  • Support overriding macros of the form X=”\”Y=Z\””.


  • Fixed jump to matching brace for nested braces like ((())).


  • Fixed crash when parsing fixed format source files with extremely long lines (over 1024 characters).
  • Fixed bug in fixed format files where iostat parameters to input/output functions were given ‘use’ references instead of ‘set’ references.
  • Fixed a scoping problem that occurred when a public, private, or protected statement was given for an imported variable.


  • Project Configuration -> Reports Output Panel fixed alt+l shortcut to go to the correct input box.


  • For Butterfly graph add option to show or hide intrinsic functions.


  • Fixed problem in Fortran Uninitialized Item report where some module variables were reported that were actually initialized.


  • Made changes to handle nested rule-sets.
  • Made change to handle non-standard syntax allowing class names beginning with a numeral.