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(Build b739) – 5 Sep 2014


  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 12-1-2 and All Check script constructorShouldCallConstructorForBase.upl to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 12-1-1 and All Check script objectDynamicTypeNotUsedInConstructorDestructor.upl to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 10-3-1 and All Check script oneDefinitionOfEachVirtualFunction.upl to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 11-0-1 and All Check script nonPodMemberDataPrivate.upl to Code Check.
  • Add MISRA 2008 rule 10-3-3 and All Check pureVirtualOverridesPureVirtual.upl to Code Check.


  • Added the ability to customize (set node and edge shapes, colors, etc) architecture dependency graphs and cluster call graphs. The options are found under Tools->Options->Graphs.
  • Fixed excluded directory appearance in project configuration source files view.


  • Replace in Files – Fixed the ‘Finished Replacing Matches’ dialog so that it will stay on top of the application and not get hidden behind Understand.


  • Enabled key bindings, and show case differences and whitespace differences in the refactor preview window.
  • Added a simple rename/refactor option to the context menu. Undo functionality is available by right clicking in the white space.