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(Build b738) – 29 Aug 2014


  • Corrected issue in MISRA 2008 rule 6-2-2, MISRA 2004 rule 2004 and All Check script TestingEqualityInFloatingPointValues.upl where a pointer to an array was treated as a floating point value.


  • Change editor macro menu item text during macro recording.


  • Added menu to open editor macro settings page.


  • For c# and Java, made changes to fix problems with counting max nesting level in routines containing ‘else if’ constructs.


  • Updated CodeCheck and Replace in Files dialog boxes to keep/maintain focus of the popup instead of sometimes getting hidden behind non Understand windows.
  • Updated the Reports generation dialog to not automatically begin when the user opens the dialog. Also added timing to the start and end and show the last run time with its status.
  • Report Config updated to allow users to delete the report directories before report generation (persistent dialog box will prompt users before the first time).


  • Changed the ‘end’ reference for a function or class to be the end of the last code line in the context instead of the location of the start of the next context.


  • For web Javascript, fixed bug where html line counts were incorrect in cases where a css file was include with a ‘link’ tag, and where javascript line counts were incorrect in some cases where anonymous functions were defined in object literals.
  • For web Javascript, made change to create properties from object literals where the property name is given as a string literal.
  • For web css, fixed bug where some font-face references were not recorded.