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(Build b736) – 15 Aug 2014


  • Fixed bug where endrefs for namespaces had 0 for the line and column when the namespace end occurred at the end of a file.


  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 9-3-1 and All Check script constMemberNotReturnNonConst.upl to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 9-3-2 and All Check script memberFunctionsShallNotReturnNonConstHandles.upl to Code Check.
  • Ignores List – Fixed an Issue when trying to add a note and no Ignore is selected.
  • Updated the CodeCheck Results pages to allow the user to select a violation and then go directly to that violations check configuration (ctrl+alt+c).
  • User Specified Files – Updated the sort to be Case Insensitive and show directories first.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 16-2-3, MISRA 2004 rule 19.15 and All Check script includeGuardsShallBeProvided.upl to be faster and to allow use of the preprocessor in code files.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 4-5-1, MISRA 2004 rule 12.6 and All Check booleanOperatorShallBeUsedCorrectly.upl to allow , -> and . operators.


  • Added ability to save editor macros and bind them to shortcuts.
  • Disabled continuation line syntax highlighting for Java files.
  • Fixed delay between editor position change and entity selection update.


  • Add Overloads IB field for Pascal.


  • Changed the max file size option from a Cpp language option to a global project option. This is done in the gui and in Und command line.


  • Made changes to identify calls to overloaded methods and functions.


  • Fixed bug where function and class ‘end’ references were missing.