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(Build b731) – 13 Jul 2014


  • Fixed failure to respect project encoding setting when reading lexeme text from relative and named root files.


  • Added MISRA 2008 rule 6-5-4 and All Check loopCounterShallBeModifiedByConstant.upl to Code Check


  • Add support for MSVC 2013 C++ projects
  • Strict Parser, fixed failure to analyze relative and named root files with non-default encoding.
  • Fix processing of MSVC 2013 user macros which could have caused a crash


  • Fixed issues with styled text in cluster control flow graph with entity specific styling and \.


  • Fix crash that occurred when changing to a file where a horizontal scroll bar would be necessary in the scopelist, but the scopelist tab had not been used/shown.
  • Added the ability to add a File or Directory to a Architecture via the right context menu. Directories are from the “Directory Structure” architecture only.
  • Fixed regressions in project configuration source tree view for relative and named root projects.


  • Fixed issue in arch internal dependency graph where edge counts increased whenever the kinds of dependencies shown changed.
  • Changed flowchart ‘Labels’ option name to ‘Source Code’ to indicate that it only controls the appearance of source code. The ‘Labels’ option still exists to control edge, start, and end labels.
  • Added the ability to expand called functions in the cluster control flow graph. This option is off by default (because it reduces collapsing), and can be turned on by the “Allow Call Expansion” right click menu option. When the option is on, each expandable call is shown as a collapsed cluster.
  • Fixed issue in arch internal dependency graph. Added “Addr Uses” to the Dependency filter list.
  • Added a right click menu to edges in cluster graphs (architecture dependency and call) that lists the first N references that contribute to the edge. Clicking will visit source. N defaults to 25 and can be changed under tools->options->graphs.
  • Added a “Show Source Code” option to the cluster control flow graph. “Show Labels” now controls edge labels, “start”, “end” and the “(…)” on clusters. This change allows users to show only comments (where show labels used to turn off all labeling).
  • Added the comments option to Data Members Graph.
  • Fixed flowchart option to show comments when labels are hidden.


  • Fixed syntax error for some uses of ‘int.class’.
  • Add Java IB field Type Parameters
  • Fixed some problems with overload resolution involving generic methods.
  • Fixed problems reading generic information from .class files and problems reading some Java 8 .class files.
  • Added new kinds for generic classes, methods, and interfaces. For web css, made changes to parse @font-face rules.
  • Java 8 and Generics are now fully supported


  • Fixed bug where named roots in python import paths did not work.