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(Build b728) – 20 Jun 2014


  • Escape xml characters in macros to prevent crash.


  • Ignore standard libraries when testing for Identifier Reuse.
  • Corrected scripting error that can occur when scanning a file that overloads or overwrites an operator which also happens to be a special character when using regular expressions. This fix affected MISRA 2008 Rules 17-0-1, 17-0-2 and 17-0-3; MISRA 2004 Rules 20.1 and 20.2; and their All Check counterparts.
  • Changed virtalFunctionCallInConstructorDestructor.upl to a more strict interpretation of Effective C++.


  • Fixed bug where array slice with default upper bound and a stride expression (e.g. 1::1) caused a syntax error. Changed type-text for ‘double precision’ variables to ‘double precision’ instead of just ‘double’.
  • Changed reference created for an item named in a DATA statement from a ‘set’ reference to a ‘set init’ relation. These items are no longer listed in the Uninitialized Item Report.
  • Made changes to improve the Uninitialized Items report.


  • Recent Files/Projects and Getting Started – Fixed an issue where very long paths/names would cause the menu to be inaccessible.
  • Editor->Reload Prompt – Updated to allow users to Analyze the reloaded files.


  • Change handling of MSVC C++ files to implicitly include project include paths.


  • For javascript, fixed syntax error for non-standard use of ‘char’ as a variable name.
  • For css, fixed bug where some url expressions could cause syntax errors.
  • For xml, fixed bug where CDATA sections could cause syntax errors.