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(Build b727) – 13 Jun 2014


  • Fix for buildspy crash on files that take a long time to compile.


  • Added debug output to monitor dll files being opened.


  • Fixed crash that could occur parsing modules with ‘entry’ statements.


  • Open Last Project – Functionality has been changed so that if the user closes a project from the File Menu and then closes Understand, Understand will not load a project (because there was no last project loaded) when starting next.


  • Added an option (right click menu) to show comments associated with the entity in the call, call by, and declaration graphs.
  • Fixed issue where entity context menu was not available on some graphs.
  • Added an option under Tools->Options->Graphs to turn off the animation in cluster graphs that occurs each time the graph changes.


  • Find in Files – Updated the Directory Search to allow users to exclude directories from being searched.


  • Fixed user tools issue where macros that were prefixes of other macros were not working correctly.


  • For css, made change to better handle unrecognized css3 at-rules.
  • For css, made changes to handle non-standard syntax where property declarations appear directly inside media rules.
  • For Javascript, made changes to handle non-standard syntax allowing multiple variables to be defined and initialized using ‘var {name1,name2…} = expr’.
  • For Javascript, made change to handle non-standard syntax where anonymous functions could be defined with just an expression for the function body.
  • For css, added support for keyframes animation rules.