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(Build b726) – 6 Jun 2014


  • Corrected reporting errors in MISRA 2008, rule 6-4-5; MISRA 2004, rule 15.2; and AllCheck script unconditionalStatementShallTerminateNonEmptySwitchClauses.upl
  • CodeCheck – Fixed potential loop/Analysis crash.


  • Entity Locator – Fixed an issue with sorting dates not working correctly when the dates were only seconds apart. Also fixed the date compare so that = now works correctly.
  • Display the project configuration when a Visual Studio sln file is loaded.


  • Fix for issue on Mac where context menu in interactive graphs does not go away for subsequent clicks.


  • Made change to avoid unnecessary rewriting of database information for library classes.


  • Made changes to avoid unnecessary file status checks when searching for imported files.


  • Command Capture – Fixed a case where filenames with dashes were not creating links properly.


  • For css, made change to allow non-standard syntax with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ expressions in property values. Also, added column numbers to web language syntax error messages.
  • For web css, made change to allow non-standard syntax where property name is preceded by ‘* ‘.