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(Build b724) – 26 May 2014


  • Fixed bug where the body and spec of a procedure with an ‘export_procedure’ pragma were not combined into a single database entity.


  • Disable buttons in architecture builder when the action can’t be done (ex: only enable remove if item is selected in editable arch).


  • Corrected reporting errors in MISRA 2008, MISRA 2004 and All Check scripts.


  • In und, ensured that after “settings -metricmetrics all”, the metrics exported are sorted alphabetically (like from the gui). If metrics are listed out in the settings command, they will still be exported in the order listed.


  • Entity Locator, CodeCheck Results Locator, CodeCheck False Positive Locator – Added the ability to allow negative searches. This is done by adding a ‘!’ before the filter. This will work for all Filter Pattern Syntax.
  • Selector – Updated to close all selected open files when the default close shortcut (cmd+w on Mac) is used even when the Selector is not in focus.
  • Dependency Browser – Added “Addr Uses” to the filter list.


  • Fix for cluster graphs nodes sometimes refusing to expand.
  • Fixed highlighting issues with entities inside of entity clusters in Architecture Dependency Graphs.
  • Enabled cluster options (inter child edges shown, aggregate edges) for entity clusters in Architecture Dependency Graphs.
  • Fixed an issue in architecture dependency graphs where edges between entities and architectures were sometimes aggregated to the file.
  • Fixed error in architecture depends, depends on, butterfly dependency graphs where file nodes vanished when clicked.
  • Fixed wheel zoom on graphs to work even when graph doesn’t have focus.


  • Improved parse speed on projects with a large number of source directories.


  • Find in Files – Allow for specifying File Types in an “Open Files” search.
  • Entity Locator – Fixed an issue with filtering and sorting the file/entity dates.


  • Fixed failure to begin analysis of header files.
  • Fixed bug in BOM detection.


  • Command Capture Macros – Alphabetized Macros.
  • KeyBindings->User Tools – Fixed an issue where the names defined in the User Tools were not being escaped correctly (i.e. \t).
  • User Tools – Added the $CurArchitecture macro.