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(Build b723) – 19 May 2014


  • In und made environment-defined named roots take precedence over Understand.ini-defined named roots. Note that “add -root” still works and will temporarily overwrite a named root for the duration of that instance of und.


  • Add support for TI C55X c/c++ compilers.


  • Fixed rich text indent and wrap issues.
  • Fixed find/replace incorrect case replacement.


  • Fixed the issue with Favorite items not showing properly.


  • Removed warning from und about QObject::connect failure that sometimes occurred during add with named roots.
  • Fixed regression in project configuration dialogue cancel prompt.
  • Enabled select all, copy all for understand trees, lists, and tables that didn’t yet support it.


  • Changed cluster call graphs to have aggregated edges appear on the edge of clusters instead of a random location inside the cluster.
  • Restored architecture dependency graph aggregate edges to draw the edges from the edge of a cluster, rather than an arbitrary point within the cluster.
  • In architecture dependency graphs, changed edges that go to an expanded entity to go to the cluster edge instead of a fake node (with the cluster name) inside of the cluster.
  • Fixed issue in entity cluster call graphs when collapsing a parent with children that have expanded children.


  • Fixed regression in saving visual studio sync project settings.
  • Parselog – Updated the Missing Includes link to be more readable when selected.


  • Fixed error where incremental find would ignore selected text when enter was pressed.
  • Entity Locator – Updated to be able to see and filter and correctly sort associated Architectures.


  • For Javascript, made changes to give full names to properties.